Apr 1, 2008

found it!

I found my new apartment. Location Location Location! It's in the heart of downtown Erie! I can't wait .... to be in the city again! I know it's not downtown Denver - but, I have my coffeeshop, library, Irish Pub, farmers market, and lake within walking distance!!! More to come once I get the keys on Thursday!

Feb 7, 2008

Movin' on out ...

So when I moved back to Erie in Nov 2006 - I told my brother "I'll stay with you until I find something in the Spring". Well Spring came, Summer flew by and then the snow started to fall again. Right around Christmas time, we were sitting at BW3's watching the Cowboy's place when I was informed that while my parents were in Florida (I moved into their new house to "housesit") I was being "evicted". Steve wanted his house back to himself.

So I am in a quandary - I can stay at my parents in the spare room (rent free), or find something of my own. They get home the first week in March .... time is ticking and don't know what to do.

If anyone knows of a great (cheap) apartment/house for rent ... leave me a comment.

Feb 3, 2007

snow + wind + negative windchills = no electricity!

snow, snow, snow. now we add blowing wind, and wind chills in the minus teens! what does that equal? no electricity at the house in the woods! luckily, my brother being an electrician has access to a gas powered generator. YIPPEE! heat and tv!
penelec estimates the electricity to be back on around midnight ... so it's been out now at least 6 hours (no one was home prior to 4, so who knows). i would have NO idea how to connect the generator to power the whole house ... thank god for steve!

Dec 31, 2006

did you know ...

that my best friend from elementary school is in the process of writing a book???

vicki glembocki (wife of thad and mother of 21 month old blair) is the former articles editor of Philadelpia Magazine. Now pregnant with her 2nd baby is working on her book to be out fall 2007.

The Second Nine Months: A New Mom Tells the Truth about Having a Baby
Philadelphia magazine editor Vicki Glembocki tells the brutally honest and very funny truth of one woman’s transition into motherhood, breaking the silence around what new moms are really thinking and feeling, including just how hard it is to raise that little one. Sure, motherhood can be filled with blissful moments, all those little firsts with your baby. But what about those "other" moments in between? In a "straight talk from your best girlfriend" voice Glembocki shares the unspoken fears, the intensity of emotion and exhaustion, the difficulty of bonding with a demanding new infant, and the pure frustration that can come with motherhood—but that no one ever talks about, lest she be judged a bad mother. In the spirit of Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions, Glembocki gives new moms a reality check on what to expect, leavened with equal parts compassion and humor.
Fall 2007 • Parenting • 224 pages
UK & Translation Rights: Da Capo Lifelong

Nov 20, 2006

Headed back to Colorado ...

my time in phoenix has ended ... i am sad to leave christine, jeff, nicholas and taylor. and of course, my kick-ass condo on the golf course. today i am relaxing at tracie's in albuquerque and headed back to colorado springs wednesday for thanksgiving dinner.

my brother, steve, is flying out on the 29th to drive back to erie with me. YES - i am moving back to erie, crazy, i know it, but the time is right.

still don't have a job in erie - but i have some leads. dad said that he would let me work for him :)

more later!

Sep 28, 2006

long time

wow, i didn't realize how long its been since i posted. well, we've been busy with the store - actually not in it yet, but we are getting there. let's hope next week. and we should have electricity soon too! i don't want to post any pictures yet, until the painters are done.

but i am alive and working.

makeup bargins!

am i allowed to repost someone else's blog??
well, here is the link so i am giving credit ... http://www.goerie.thinkhost.com/movabletype/archives/hertimes/2006/09/1_bloomingdales.html

September 26, 2006
$1 Bloomingdales makeup!
Just cashed in on a screamin' deal I read about on the BabyCenter Bargain Bulletin Board. I'm not a big makeup person, but even I couldn't resist stocking up at these prices. Here's the original post -- along with a link to the site:
Bloomingdales in launching a new line of makeup. Right now everything is a $1!!!
If you spend over $30 you can use the coupon code "shipit" and you get free shipping, but good luck spending over $30!
Happy shopping!
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Sep 5, 2006

our own little chef!

one of deliveries this week was the aprons and hats for our kids kamps! we thought that nicholas would be the perfect spokes"kid"! Posted by Picasa

phoenix cooks!

christine and i went to the arizona biltmore on saturday to attend phoenix cooks! it showcased chefs from the phoenix area. all the food was YUMMY! and found some great wines in the wine tasting room. next year super suppers will have to be part of this great event (proceeds going to the phoenix children's hospital)!

Aug 26, 2006

taylor's first birthday cake

actually, it was cupcakes and boy, were they yummy!!! Posted by Picasa

Aug 24, 2006

it's below 80

a day in arizona under 80 degrees - it happens. although, you have to deal with clouds and rain to get it. but, no complaints here!

Aug 21, 2006

cool storm

very cool lightening storm pictures from the patio! Posted by Picasa

my brother might kill me ...

my mom has been converting her plethora of slides into .jpg format so that we can actually look at them (the slide projector died years ago!). found these two ... i don't know if either my brother or I are happy about wearing the "mouse costume". all i remember is that i made steve walk around the block in that thing. i know i will pay later for this post ... sorry, steve!!  Posted by Picasa

Aug 20, 2006

opening soon ....

it's coming along ... drywall is up, we are interviewing our first potential employee tomorrow morning!!!! Posted by Picasa

Aug 16, 2006

relaxing on the patio

my evenings have been spent either with a glass of wine or a very cold vodka tonic on the patio. relaxing from my days. not that christine is working my fingers to the bone (yet). but recovering from some strange "firsts". in the middle of the first night at the condo, a vase fell off a shelf (scared the crap out of tracie & i - i kept "sleeping" trying to play it off as a dream, until tracie came in my room). sunday afternoon, after taking tracie to the airport, i found a small bird flitting around the condo - it took almost 4 hours to get the bird out, i think ... it still may be in there. monday night as i was getting the garbage can to take out from the garage - i saw a big ass spider (the body was at least 3 inches in diameter) -brown recluse, hobo spider, black widow? and last night on my way home from christine's i almost hit a coyote!!! the day will come when a scorpion will be crawling on my car and i will scream almost as loud as little miss taylor bowers when she misses her mommy!

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Aug 13, 2006

my view from the patio

  Posted by Picasa

this time to phoenix ...


on the road again, this time with a travel companion and my own car! i was so lucky to have tracie with me on the 2nd leg of the trip from colorado to phoenix. she drove the whole 6.5 hours!

  why phoenix? my plan is to be here for about 3 months to help my friends christine & jeff bowers open a new franchise store called "super suppers". and jeff's parents - out of the kindess of their hearts - are letting me stay in their awesome condo at "troon north".

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Aug 5, 2006

rocky mountain high

so good to be back. i got into denver last night and headed right to the la quinta to freshen up and head out to see my friends at cafe cero and listen to the byron shaw projex. so happy to see mel and chad again - i really did miss them and denver!

headed back to the springs today!!!