Sep 28, 2006

long time

wow, i didn't realize how long its been since i posted. well, we've been busy with the store - actually not in it yet, but we are getting there. let's hope next week. and we should have electricity soon too! i don't want to post any pictures yet, until the painters are done.

but i am alive and working.

makeup bargins!

am i allowed to repost someone else's blog??
well, here is the link so i am giving credit ...

September 26, 2006
$1 Bloomingdales makeup!
Just cashed in on a screamin' deal I read about on the BabyCenter Bargain Bulletin Board. I'm not a big makeup person, but even I couldn't resist stocking up at these prices. Here's the original post -- along with a link to the site:
Bloomingdales in launching a new line of makeup. Right now everything is a $1!!!
If you spend over $30 you can use the coupon code "shipit" and you get free shipping, but good luck spending over $30!
Happy shopping!
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Sep 5, 2006

our own little chef!

one of deliveries this week was the aprons and hats for our kids kamps! we thought that nicholas would be the perfect spokes"kid"! Posted by Picasa

phoenix cooks!

christine and i went to the arizona biltmore on saturday to attend phoenix cooks! it showcased chefs from the phoenix area. all the food was YUMMY! and found some great wines in the wine tasting room. next year super suppers will have to be part of this great event (proceeds going to the phoenix children's hospital)!