May 17, 2006

and the story begins ...

i don't have a job ... judy has finished classes in madison. So what is there to do, but meet in chicago for a "rockstar" 3 days and see pearl jam? judy is an eddie fanatic! i was telling mutual friends prior to arriving in chicago that "i am going to have to renew my CPR certification or buy a stun gun".

i booked my flight (screamin' deal) and then went on blindly booked a hotel for us in downtown chicago. $82/night - 4 star .... (drum roll, please) swissotel! "Honored as "One of the 500 Best Hotels in the World" by Travel + Leisure for two consecutive years". i was psyched! i sent the hotel info to judy and then she was psyched.

monday the 15th rolls around ... i drive to denver, get on my plane, cab it from midway to the hotel. the hotel is located where the "river meets the lake" on upper wacker. walking distance to michigan avenue and lots of SHOPPING! jude drove from madison, after a short detour (remember LEFT at the church), she made it - with a 12pack of bud! That's my girl! Instead of cruising the city - we stayed in our room - drank the WHOLE 12pack and surfed the net, chatted, looked at pictures and of course ... listened to pearl jam. 1:30 am rolls around - I am finally going to bed - judy is finishing her last beer. tomorrow we see eddie!

tuesday, 11AM: let's eat! so we walked down michigan ave. found a small - found deals on great lucky jeans (both of us). i bought some clearance jewelry to wear on thursday. she bought a watch and this rockin' ring. we met up with one of judy's friends from chicago - vic. vic took time off work to treat us to some cocktails prior to the show. we met up with vic's friend mike. can't miss the opening act "my morning jacket" (judy saw them at Bonaroo last year).

tuesday, 9pm: Oh my god, it's eddie!!! the set list was great, i brought my camera, took some great pictures and even a couple movies!

tuesday, 11:30pm: show is over, vic and mike left early - mike was not feeling well to say the least. so 2 girls on the prowl for a cab! what drama ensued - had to walk about 4 or 5 blocks and have what looked to be a 16 yr. old guy flag one down for us. as judy put it "subversive economics" (i think).

wednesday, 12am: download pics - remember every moment! SLEEP!

wednesday, 10am: wake up, shower, EAT! judy drove me to midway, i left my wallet in the car, she turned around and brought it back. which brings me to the present ... i am sitting at the gate, listening to (of course) pearl jam. judy is driving back to madison (probably listening to pearl jam). i have a bad feeling my flight is going to be delayed - it's raining here.

the story will continue ... follow up later!

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