Aug 16, 2006

relaxing on the patio

my evenings have been spent either with a glass of wine or a very cold vodka tonic on the patio. relaxing from my days. not that christine is working my fingers to the bone (yet). but recovering from some strange "firsts". in the middle of the first night at the condo, a vase fell off a shelf (scared the crap out of tracie & i - i kept "sleeping" trying to play it off as a dream, until tracie came in my room). sunday afternoon, after taking tracie to the airport, i found a small bird flitting around the condo - it took almost 4 hours to get the bird out, i think ... it still may be in there. monday night as i was getting the garbage can to take out from the garage - i saw a big ass spider (the body was at least 3 inches in diameter) -brown recluse, hobo spider, black widow? and last night on my way home from christine's i almost hit a coyote!!! the day will come when a scorpion will be crawling on my car and i will scream almost as loud as little miss taylor bowers when she misses her mommy!

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