Dec 31, 2006

did you know ...

that my best friend from elementary school is in the process of writing a book???

vicki glembocki (wife of thad and mother of 21 month old blair) is the former articles editor of Philadelpia Magazine. Now pregnant with her 2nd baby is working on her book to be out fall 2007.

The Second Nine Months: A New Mom Tells the Truth about Having a Baby
Philadelphia magazine editor Vicki Glembocki tells the brutally honest and very funny truth of one woman’s transition into motherhood, breaking the silence around what new moms are really thinking and feeling, including just how hard it is to raise that little one. Sure, motherhood can be filled with blissful moments, all those little firsts with your baby. But what about those "other" moments in between? In a "straight talk from your best girlfriend" voice Glembocki shares the unspoken fears, the intensity of emotion and exhaustion, the difficulty of bonding with a demanding new infant, and the pure frustration that can come with motherhood—but that no one ever talks about, lest she be judged a bad mother. In the spirit of Anne Lamott’s Operating Instructions, Glembocki gives new moms a reality check on what to expect, leavened with equal parts compassion and humor.
Fall 2007 • Parenting • 224 pages
UK & Translation Rights: Da Capo Lifelong

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